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Photograph of Skaters on the north western part of Lake Anne in winter. Heron House can be seen in the center and on the left, the Whittlesey and Conklin townhouses of West Washington Square.

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Document detailing the future development of Reston, Virginia in terms of personnel, location, transportation system, social aspects, villages, town center, schools, community buildings, recreational amenities, and industry. 9 pages.

Aerial photograph showing the initial build-out of Issac Newton Square and the rest of the Reston industrial area as seen from the northeast. The Dulles Access Road and Washington & Old Dominion Railroad can be seen along the left side of the…

Letter from John H. Nixon of the Committee for Economic Development , New York, New York of August 6, 1962 to Robert E. Simon, Jr. In the letter Nixon compliments Simon on the Reston project and has questions regarding the governing of Reston and how…

Aerial view of Lake Anne and Lake Anne Village from the northeast. Washington Plaza and Heron House can be seen at the bottom of the image.


35 mm slide of a rendering of the Fellowship House retirement apartment complex at Lake Anne Village in Reston, Virginia.

Pamphlet for the Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten, 1965. Document contains information such as mission, operation, tuition, and other information pertinent to the school.

Photograph of children playing at the Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten (LANK), Washington Plaza.

Publication which details Lake Anne Village, Reston Virginia as an historic district within Fairfax County, Virginia. Discusses the history of Lane Anne Village Center, its historical and architectural significance, buildings, and explanation of the…

Photograph of a line drawing showing main features of the Washington Plaza portion of Lake Anne Village, Reston, Va. The drawing shows locations for the art gallery, church, office spaces, nursery, Restaurant, auditorium, rathskeller, library,…

Aerial photograph of Lake Anne Village, approximately 1965. This view is from the west looking east with Lake Anne, Lake Anne Plaza and the Heron House apartment tower in the center of the image.

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Aerial photograph of Lake Anne Village as seen from the west. Visible in this photograph are: Lake Anne and Washington Plaza, Heron House, Waterview and Hickory town home clusters, Baron Cameron Avenue, and North Shore and Fairway Drives.

Aerial view of Lake Anne showing the fountain and Lake Anne VIllage town houses to the rear.


Photograph of Lake Anne Village as taken from the south side of the lake. Smith townhomes are to the left, Heron House in the center, and Washington Plaza is seen on right.

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Slide showing a ground level view of Lake Audubon at a stage at which this section is not completely filled with water. Some home construction is evident on the north bank.


Slide showing a ground level view of Lake Elsa (now known as Audubon) in August of 1965. Prior to being renamed "Elsa" the lake was called Snakeden Lake.


Slide showing a ground level view of Lake Newport in the North Point Village area of Reston, Virginia. Image shows homes and sailboats on the lake.


Slide showing a ground level view of Lake Thoreau, its shoreline, and homes.


Aerial photograph of Lake Thoreau and dam.


Document describing the origins and activities of the Reston Virginia Foundation for Community Programs. Initiatives discussed include: The Children's Center, Lake Anne Community Center, Nature Center, low-cost housing, mental health and preventative…

Photograph of a performance of the Northern Virginia Music Center at Reston at Lake Anne Village Center, July 4, 1971.

Letter from Omer L. Hirst of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Senate of September 16, 1974 to Robert E. Simon, Jr. In the letter Hirst compliments Simon on the success of Reston and adds that he has had conversations with Reston Community Association…

Photograph showing a pedestrian bridge at Tall Oaks Village Center.


Press release of October 3, 1961 by Safire Public Relations, Inc. of New York, New York announcing the planning and construction of Reston, Virginia.


Plat showing layout of housing clusters, single family homes, model homes, schools, churches, and roads in Lake Anne Village.
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