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Children, accompanied by a parent and dog, play on the Gonzalo Fonseca sculpture, The Sun Boat, at Lake Anne Village.

Photograph showing the front entrance to Terraset Elementary School, Reston, Virginia while under construction.

35 mm color slide of the front entrance to Terraset Elementary School, Reston Virginia.

35 mm color slide of a crane lowering solar panels onto the roof of Terraset Elementary School, Reston Virginia.

Photograph showing Vernon J. Walker, Director of Open Space Management for the Reston Homeowners Association, speaking to a group of children.

Document detailing the future development of Reston, Virginia in terms of personnel, location, transportation system, social aspects, villages, town center, schools, community buildings, recreational amenities, and industry. 9 pages.

Photograph showing a woman and young child on a playground at Tall Oaks Village.

Photograph showing children playing on a wooden bridge at Tall Oaks Village Center. Behind them are the Village Center buildings and sculpture pieces.

Document describing the origins and activities of the Reston Virginia Foundation for Community Programs. Initiatives discussed include: The Children's Center, Lake Anne Community Center, Nature Center, low-cost housing, mental health and preventative…

Photograph showing front of several town homes in Reston, Virginia. Residents and a child can be seen in front of one of the homes.

Pamphlet for the Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten, 1965. Document contains information such as mission, operation, tuition, and other information pertinent to the school.

Photograph of children playing at the Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten (LANK), Washington Plaza.

Photograph showing a walking trail leading up to the front of several townhouse units belonging to the Waterview Cluster in Lake Anne Village. There are three individuals using the trail in this photograph.
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