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Illustrated color pamphlet describing planned measures for transportation in the Dulles Corridor beginning 1999. Measures include: express bus, bus rapid transit, enhanced express bus, and rail. 6 pages.

Color photograph of a Reston commuter bus picking up a passenger during the early to mid 1970s. Lake Anne Village Center and Heron House is visible at the left, just behind the bus.

Aerial photograph of the Dulles Toll and Access Roads taken in the late 1980s. Visible on both sides of the highways are buildings within the industrial section of Reston, as well as the Wiehle Avenue and Reston Parkway overpasses. In the upper…

Aerial photograph showing the initial build-out of Issac Newton Square and the rest of the Reston industrial area as seen from the northeast. The Dulles Access Road and Washington & Old Dominion Railroad can be seen along the left side of the…

Aerial photograph of the Sunset Hills property as seen from the southwest. The portion purchased by Robert E. Simon, Jr's company to build Reston has been outlined in a heavy white line. Labelled in this photograph are: the Washington and Old…

Fact sheet on the Reston Town Center produced by Reston Land Corporation. Document contains project data on Reston Town Center, such as design. development, concept, mixed use, streetscape, and transportation information. 6 pages.

Memorandum to Charles C. Carter from Peter L. McCandless regarding opening ceremony for the Dulles Toll Road. In this document McCandless discusses the marketing objective, messages, strategy, and planning details for the opening. 3 pages.

Governor Charles S. "Chuck" Robb of Virginia along with an unidentified passenger deposit the first toll at a toll booth on the new Dulles Toll Road, October 1, 1984.

Document detailing the future development of Reston, Virginia in terms of personnel, location, transportation system, social aspects, villages, town center, schools, community buildings, recreational amenities, and industry. 9 pages.

Photograph showing a walking trail leading up to the front of several townhouse units belonging to the Waterview Cluster in Lake Anne Village. There are three individuals using the trail in this photograph.
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